"To see the captive hearts released, the hurt; the sick; the poor at peace. We lay down our lives for Heaven's cause, we are Your church, we pray revive This Earth."


"Preach like you know they almost didn't come." - Fred Craddock

This is probably the most ambiguous part of this site. Location determines what can be done within any given space. Creating a worship service involves the collaboration of others, which means many elements of this dream are not yet articulated.

Below are some main characteristics to try to capture:

Many opportunities for creative quiet contemplative prayer: We live in a world that is loud, noisy, and busy. There are very few places one can find where the main objective is to be quiet and still.                           


Ideas could include: Reading spaces with chairs, lamps, books, and coffee,tea, etc. located throughout the property. A labyrinth room. (see description below.) Certain rooms could be converted into a spa and rented out to certified Spa/Massage/Reiki specialists that the congregation could take advantage of throughout the week.

                            Here's an example:


  • The service structure must be loose in nature. No ridged "three hymns and an anthem" week after week after week. In other words, the overall nature and feel of the service can look different from week to week.

  • Many continue to express a desire for worship opportunities at times other than Sunday morning. This needs to be addressed.

  • The service would be participatory in nature, and not a performance where the audience sits back to watch.

  • The service reaches the whole family and has something for every age.

  • The use of multimedia is fresh and done with excellence.

  • The service is motivating, leading all who worship to come away with the desire to put what they learn and hear into some kind of action.

  • Questions to answer: Time, location, how to ensure that the service is unique, on topic, relevant, challenging, energetic, exciting, passionate, and purposeful.


Here are some wise words to keep in mind:

Here are some ideas that are worth considering:


  • What if we had a labyrinth room that was set up in a space all to itself? The space could function to provide opportunities of contemplative prayer and meditation, where people could come to visit throughout the week. The space could include hands on interactive prayer stations as well.

  • What if we took advantage of the use of multimedia to present live guest speakers? For example, following a congregational book read of Brian McLaren's (the guy in the above video!) new book, Why Did Jesus, Moses, the Buddha, and Mohammed Cross the Road?: Christian Identity in a Multi-Faith World, we would invite Brian to participate in our worship service.

  • What if worship on any given week consisted of going into the community as a congregation to serve their needs?


Samantha wants one of these!

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