What if...?


  • What if we studied ways to be less judgmental?


  • What if we spent time looking within ourselves to better understand our anger?


  • What if we studied different styles of meditation as a means of becoming better at living fully in the present moment?


  • What if we examined Newton's Third Law of Motion as a way to better understand how the energy we bring into any space is reflected back to us?


  • What if we studied Jesus’ life through the lens of how humanity is called to evolve toward our highest potential?


  • What if we examined the intricate details of God's creation as a way of better understanding God's love for us, and our connection to everything?


Learning To Love


Take the love of God that is within you

and pour that love into the lives of those around you.












Imagine sitting in a big comfy chair or couch with your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. You're in good company, gathered together with friends for the sole purpose of having good, meaningful theological discussion. It might be a book read. It might be a conversation following a good movie or documentary. It could be with a guest speaker, who joins the group physically or through live stream video. Or it could just be the result of people coming together organically to discuss the latest news headline or blog entry.


On Earth is keenly aware of the ways in which "bad theology" has caused damage in people's lives across the generations. Shallow theology leaves us with shallow answers to difficult questions, and cripples us when we come face to face with someone we know, whose world has come to a screeching halt. You've heard those phrases before: "It was part of God's plan," "God needed another flower in his garden," "Everything happens for a reason." We bet you've even heard comments about what women should and should not be allowed to do, what the "Bible says" about how sinful homosexuality is, or how those who are poor are so because they are lazy and refuse to work. Well, we have issues with that kind of mindset. We believe God is a God of love and we want to find ways to grow, ways to heal and repair the damage, and ways we can communicate to the world what we learn about God's love together.


We believe God wants us to grow spiritually, to ask those tough questions, to doubt, to challenge the status quo. It's what allows one's faith to move from surface level to those deeper places where simple black and white answers just won't do.


During an interview Oprah Winfrey was doing on one of her shows, she was discussing people's wildest dreams. At one point during the conversation, one of the guests turned the question back over to Oprah and asked her what her wildest dream was. She replied, "My wildest dream is to not leave this earth one second before fulfilling my potential as a human being." What a beautiful idea.  Part of On Earth's vision is to do our best to find ways to move toward wholeness and being able to love completely God and neighbor. To do this well is to fulfill our potential as human beings. Our constant desire is to be intentional about discovering ways to be more loving people.

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