"Each religion offers a true path to God. It behooves us to hear what members of other faiths have to say about their seeking. In their exploration we may find the keys to doors heretofore closed against us. Contrary to our own Scripture, Christians have been quick to dismiss the notion that other faiths have any insights into truth and have reveled in the luxury of remaining ignorant of the beliefs of other religions. Yet the God who created us is bigger than any single religion. The paths to the knowledge of God may be many more than we can imagine. God is too big to fit into our box." -Archbishop Desmond Tutu

What would it be like to focus on the similarities among faith traditions instead of the differences? What would it be like to better understand the religions of the world other than Christianity as a means of creating bridges instead of walls? What would it be like to partner with individuals of other faith traditions with the intention of taking the love of God that is within all of us and collectively pouring that love into our neighborhoods, and communities? By intentionally coexisting, we can build tolerance, respect, and deepen our appreciation and love for one another. Lives can be transformed. And our own faith as followers of Jesus can grow.


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